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Today, insomnia and poor sleep quality have become major problems that plague people’s lives. It seems to be a small thing, but it hurts a lot of people. It hurts the body, hurts the soul, hurts the feelings, and hurts the future… Insomnia not only affects our physical health, but also triggers negative emotions such as anxiety and depression.

Weighted Idea Soft Weighted Blanket 15 lbs with Cover for Adults and Kids | 48”x78”

What should I do if I can’t sleep well?

I can't sleep well
I can’t sleep well

Our life, 1/3 of the time spent in bed. Many successful people know that the secret of success is not just knowing how to work hard, but also knowing how to rest.

During the day, we set ourselves high goals, fill the agenda, and compete for time and effort. At night, we need a good quilt, we can sleep for a few minutes, help us soothe the fatigue of the whole day, and avoid Insomnia, let us sleep to dawn.

You need a professional and comfortable quilt to help you sleep well, sleep well, get up every day, rejuvenate your energy, work full of energy, produce good works with high efficiency, and achieve your career goals faster, right?

Gravity Blanket
gravity weighted blanket
gravity weighted blanket

Worldwide sales are $ 4.73 million.

The “Gravity Blanket(gravity blanket amazon)” is a blockbuster project by the founder John Fiorentino at Kickstarter. As soon as it was released, there were already more than 19,460 supporters. In fact, the company completed a crowdfunding target of $21,500 in just 45 minutes. The current fundraising on Kickstarter has exceeded $4.73 million, and the completion rate has reached a staggering 17991%. At that time, the price of this product was 279 US dollars / article, it seems that people in order to sleep well, really do not hesitate to blood…

What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are well known in the medical community and have been used as natural stress relieving agents.It is 7%-12% of the person’s weight, covering it, as if being embraced and sleeping.Although gravity blankets have been used in the medical world for many years, until recently, scientific research discovered significant health benefits. So far, these findings are unbelievable.

Weighted Blankets Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Weighted blankets can improve sleep and help reduce insomnia buy weighted blanket.You may need to try the weight until you find the weight that works best for you.
Weighted blankets reduce anxiety Washing- Make sure it has a removable weighted blanket cover
Helps to increase your concentration Price, they are not cheap
Weighted blankets can also alleviate the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder

Why is it so popular?

Weighted blankets on the market are rough and easy to shed. When you cover it, the warmth is not good. Your skin will rub against it and cause static damage to the skin. This is why every time you wake up, you will feel dry and even itchy.

Weighted blanket adopts advanced ontology input method for human skin acupoint structure,This is a highly regarded therapy that stimulates every relevant stress point on the body to improve sleep, improve mood and relax.

The exterior of the blanket is made of luxurious ultra-soft micro-fluff, easy to clean, and the inner shell of the blanket is made of 100% cotton. No hair loss or static electricity will occur.

The effect of the weighted blanket is to reduce cortisol levels and increase serotonin production, thereby reducing heart rate and blood pressure.

Why is there such a weight?

  • It is made from high-density Poly Pellets granules filled with materials, non-toxic and odorless, with a safety rating that is food grade and durable. And with a special design, these particles can be evenly and obediently scattered in the blanket.
  • Compared with the direct locking of the general blanket, the simple assembly line processing process sometimes encounters insufficient size, easy to run and run, and has poor durability. The “weighted blanket” is designed with high-precision edging and is stylish and elegant. It also uses natural environmentally-friendly materials to print and dye without fading, while the inner lining is filled with a heavy material and firmly sewed into the lining to avoid slippage.Its fill material is stitched into irregular grid squares to ensure integrity, and the cover is not displaced by the body movement.
  • weighted blanket for couples” is big enough to wrap your whole body. Through careful design, when you go home from work after a hard day, cover it and you will feel the weight of the blanket wrapped like a gentle embrace into your arms. you.

Where can I find the scientific basis for this product?

  • Mental Health Occupational Therapy Journal
  • Australian Journal of Psychiatry Research: Australian Institute of Psychiatrists and New Zealand
  • Human-computer interaction society journal
  • Journal of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Disorders

Closest to 10% of body weight

People can choose the style that is closest to 10% of their weight according to their weight.

blanket weights
blanket weights

Exclusive to your sense of security

Weighted blanket is a kind of health-assisted blanket designed according to the body weight of 10% of the human body. The weight is often between 1.8kg and 11.3kg. The investigation also shows that the weighting blanket provides a kind of deep touch pressure. The pressure of Pressure Touch is good for relieving anxiety and relaxing, and it can improve the sleep quality of people with insomnia.

Is the weighted blanket expensive?

Is the weighted blanket expensive?
cheap weighted blanket
  1. A blanket can be used for at least two years = 730 days, while the weighted blanket is now only $140/bar, and a day is only about $0.2084.
  2. Equivalent to a daily massage worth $148.7094.Improve your sleep quality, solve the insomnia anxiety, make your work efficiency UP UP UP, promotion and salary increase is no longer a luxury. Let your family no longer lose sleep and anxiety, and be active every day.

Frequently asked questions:

1.Can the weighted blanket be machine washed?

Yes, the inner layer and the face cloth can be machine washed.

2.The ordinary sleeping blanket makes me feel too hot. What is the cooling effect of the weighted blanket?

The warm blanket of the sleeping blanket is designed to be detachable so that you can stay cool during the hottest months.

3.If the husband and wife share a gravity blanket at night, can the weighted blanket work effectively?

If you share it with your loved one, weighted blanket twin size.we recommend that you purchase two pieces to fully experience its effectiveness.

Here are some of the user reviews that have been purchased:

weighted blanket used

“It feels great “

“The whole body feels comfortable, like the reuse of ibuprofen liquid soft capsules.”

“It usually takes 45 minutes to fall asleep, but after using the gravity blanket, I only fell asleep after 7 minutes.”

“The gravity blanket gives me a whole new sense of beauty.”

“After sleeping for a few nights with the gravity blanket, I was a little addicted…”

Best weighted blankets to buy in 2019

best weighted blanket 2019

Gravity Blanket
Pros: Helps you sleep,Keeps you warm,Three color options
Cons: Might not suit people who get hot when they sleep
Good Knight BlanketPros: Hypoallergenic,100% Cotton Material,Tiny non-toxic fillsCons: Uneven weight
YnMPros:7-layered design,Twin sized,More glass beads fillingCons:Leaked Beads