8 pros and cons of using weighted blankets

Weighted blankets have become a popular 2019.Weighted blankets can help with anxiety, insomnia, and even ADHD.

Weighted blankets pros

1.Helps sleep quality in people with ASD, ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health conditions and disorders 2.Melatonin 3. Relieve anxiety and stress 4.Wide weight selection

Weighted blankets cons

1. Expensive 2.People with claustrophobia are not suitable3.Children under the age of eight are used with caution4. Its own weight is not suitable for travel with

Helps sleep quality in people with ASD, ADHD

Weighted blanket therapy.Sleeping under a weighted blanket can improve sleep quality and duration. Weighted blankets are also suitable for adults and children with certain mental illnesses, such as depression and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).


Relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being hugged or hugged. This increases serotonin and melatonin levels, lowers cortisol levels, and improves mood and promotes restful sleep.

Relieve anxiety and stress

A weighted blanket can help you push your body down while you sleep. This process is called sedative effect. The blanket also simulates Deep Pressure Touch (DPT), a treatment that uses firm hands-on pressure to reduce chronic stress and high anxiety.


Weighted blankets weigh anywhere from five to 30 pounds.


  • 15 lbs weighted blanket
  • 15 pound weighted blankets
  • 20 lbs weighted blanket
  • 20 pound weighted blankets
  • 25 lbs weighted blanket adult
  • 25 pound weighted blanket adult
  • 10 lb weighted blanket
  • 5lb weighted blanket
  • 5lb weighted blanket kids )

A wide range of weights are available.Your own weight will help you determine the right blanket weight.


Not everyone can afford a $250 blanket.Most weighted blankets are filled with glass or plastic beads to make them heavier than standard blankets and quilts; usually, blankets come in a variety of weight options. They are also lined with a polyester fiber filler to increase softness. This also leads to excessive costs, and the weighting blanket is not cheap.

Not suitable: weighted blankets

Weighted Blankets and Claustrophobia.The weight of a weighted blanket ends up making the claustrophobic anxiety ever worse.Best rated weighted blanket 2019.In short, I think the weighting blanket is good for 15-20% of claustrophobia patients, and bad for the other 80-85%.

Children how to use the weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are not safe for babies, so you should consult your pediatrician to make sure your child is large enough to use a heavier blanket safely.

It is too heavy

For an anxious traveler, does this sound like the perfect thing to carry in a carry-on bag? Weighted blankets are designed to relieve stress and create a sense of calm. They do this by putting pressure on the body. These blankets are filled with glass beads or plastic granules to increase weight. Some have additional layers of fabric to increase their heaviness. Therefore, the weighting blanket is heavy and not convenient to carry.

Best-reviewed weighted blankets : $100 or less in the last 1 months:

Name Price Size Comment
Amy Garden 7 Layers 100% Cotton Preminum Weighted Blanket $56.80 (60×80 Inch,15 lbs ) Hi friend, 20lbs would perfect. t’s normal to feel heavy. This weighted blanket is more heavy than normal blanket and duvet. Maybe you feel heavy at first, but the weight of blanket is helpful to relax the nervous system and can help you to release stress, anxiety and fall asleep faster.
Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket $68.90 (15 lbs Queen Size ) I ordered this blanket and see if it is really 100% cotton because they claim it is true and it makes a difference! It is very comfortable.
YnM Weighted Blanket $69.90 (15 lbs, 60”x80”, Queen Size)It can be used in the summer without being too warm! After watching a lot of aggravated blankets, I chose this, and I rated the quality and price very well, and its weight is glass beads instead of plastic.
CuteKing Weighted Heavy Blanket $74.99 (15 lbs, 60”x80” Queen) I have been in it for almost a year, and it is already very good. I have a cover to protect it. In general, I will buy again, but definitely pay attention to the weight.